To qualify for promotion to the next class, a pupil must satisfy at least one of the following


  • Must obtain an average of sixty percent (60%) of work done in all three terms of the year or at least, two terms; one of which must be the third term (that is; third term and any other term).

Primary six pupils must pass an externally assessed examination conducted by the school. At the end of every first term in December, teachers study the results of each pupil/student. Those who perform poorly provide a signal that they need encouragement to buck up. Hence, appropriate measures are adopted. Pupils/students who fail in the second and third term examinations will be asked to repeat the respective class level. A pupil or student who repeats three times between Class 3 and JHS 1 will be asked to leave the school.


Pupils who excel academically or exhibit good conduct are recognized and awarded special prizes at the end of the term or academic year.