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As Director of Best Brain International School, I have an important role to play. Not directing management, but also overseeing the progress of the school. Although the outstanding principal and excellent staff are developingBBIS into the institution that I had envisioned, my mind and heart is always in the school, no matter in which part of the world I am. All this pain seem worthwhile when I see a child winning a contest, progressing academically and the staff taking that extra step to teach their students.

I firmly believe that besides the infrastructure, hi-tech environment and facilities, it is the approach and quality of staff that matters the most. Since the inception of the school, I have been overwhelmed with the performance of every person and feel proud of the collective effort. This also inspires us to keep progressing and achieve our bigger goals.
When I see a child’s tiny hand moving a computer mouse, and the eagerness in his eyes to explore the computer’s abilities, or a child listening to a lesson with his eyes wide open and getting involved in the process, my heart gets filled with a feeling of fulfillment. I see the young students germinating into strong and responsible humans.

Today, science and technology is on the rise. New ways of interactive education are being devised; the Internet is revolutionizing education; traditional pen and paper is being replaced by the computer, and the child’s mind is now more inquisitive. At BBIS, we have all the technological means to educate the child, and yet instill in them essential moral values.

Success is a term that is widely used today. Success has different connotations for different people. It might mean money to one and fame to another. Mahatma Gandhi in his talisman for what is right and wrong says that the test for any action whether it is good or bad lies in how it affects the society. Anything that alleviates suffering and elevates the society is good.